Various Types Of Carports


Building a new carport is very difficult. If you don’t have this idea then it is better to get it before you start with the project of making your new carport and realize in between that it is not your cup of tea. But of course having a carport is must if you have your vehicle and if you don’t have garage. You must be active in case of protecting your vehicle. Thus you must consider on installing a carport in your home if you already don’t have one. The main question arises as to which type of carport to install in your home. There are many types of carport but you must go for the one which is most suitable according to your needs and your surroundings. Thus here are some of the types of carports which must be considered while installing carport in your home.

Prefabricated metal carports

Prefabricated metal carports are the types of carports which are made up of galvanized steel and these types of carports are generally considered as semi-permanent additions to your home. Very less amount of addition is required once these types of carport are delivered as the actual metal frames are already constructed and the only thing you need to put is a roof on the top of the frame. Such types of carports can withstand natural elements and they are also durable enough o last for several years. Such types of carports give a look like party tents but they are made from steel instead of plastic and the roof of such carport is made up from polyethylene or tarpaulin covers.

Party tents

Party tent carport is just like its name which is large enough to cover your car. One of the major benefits in such types of carport is that these are portable. They can be easily transferred from one place to another as they are very light weighted. These types of carport is very easy to install but one of the drawback is that they are not much strong band thus if you are staying in a place with extreme weather conditions they cannot withstand such condition’s and hence think twice before installing these carports. The poles of these types of carports are made from polyethylene and the cover of t is made from a single polyester sheet.

Aluminum carports

Aluminum carports are just like the prefabricated metal carports only but in place of galvanized steel here aluminum rods are used as its frame. This will make the aluminum carport much light weighted but also make it more durable as compared to party tent carports. If you are in search of such types of carport which is easy to relocate and still they are sturdy then aluminum carport is by far the best choice you can get. Aluminum carport is also rust resistant as compared to the other regular steel carports. Thus go for aluminum carport if you want combination of durability and looks

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