Decorating Your Home The Colonial Way


Have you always been intrigued by colonial home décor ideas?

Well, if you have then you can think about doing up your home décor in the colonial style now that you are thinking of overhauling the décor of your home and giving it a new look. For a lot of people colonial style of décor means box style homes with very simple décor. However, the truth is far from that. The colonial style of décor is juxtaposes simplicity and elegance. It is inspired by the 17th century English architecture and can make your home look elegant and alluring through it follows a minimalist approach.

To create the colonial style of décor you will have to choose pieces of furniture that are made with dark colored wood like mahogany. The furniture that you install should be simple and have a rustic appearance. For example, in the kitchen you can have a rectangular dining table along with bench seating; this will give your kitchen a truly colonial feel. Other pieces of furniture that you can have in your house are chairs and couches with rounded arms. It can be upholstered with heavy fabric like velvet and also with tapestries. Elaborate trims and button tufting are also very popular elements in the colonial style home décor.

As far as the colors you use in your house are concerned, try and use colors that are representative of the colonial times. Muted and soft hues that are based on natural pigments are the perfect choice of this style of home décor. Cream colored walls with elaborate woodwork also are an integral part of this décor style. Other tones that you can use include are mustard yellow, deep green, taupe, barn red and brown. You can also decorate with the walls with stenciled wall art and make motifs of fruits and flowers.

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