What are the varied uses of wheelchair accessible planters and how can we style them

Wheelchair accessible planter has some special and unique qualities than others. As you can already understand from the name, the wheelchair-accessible planters are meant for people who have mobility issues but yet have an undying love for gardening. Nothing is impossible provided you have a clear aim and the positive spirit to achieve it. Hence, wheelchair-accessible planters have been fashioned. The wheelchair-accessible planters enable the people with mobility impairment to roam around in their garden taking care of their saplings, water them, and do all the things that normal people generally do give there are wider pathways for them to move without hassles.

The wheelchair accessible planters are specially customized planters with a wide-open mouth so that people with a wheelchair can have closer proximity with the plants while fertilizing them or dusting them off. The wider pathways accommodate wheelchairs comfortably so that the person can concentrate on his passion better. Furthermore, the plant beds are raised to a height of 24 inches so that these are well accessible to people in a wheelchair.

Here it is aimed at not only provide you with knowledge about the wheelchair accessible planters but also the varied gardening strategies associated with them. Should you ever contemplate introducing wheelchair-accessible planters to your garden?

Here Are A Few Tips and Tricks: 

#1. Raise the Gardening Beds

Elevated gardening beds help the person with a wheelchair to access the planter comfortably and thus do their gardening effortlessly. The gardening planters need to be raised 180-20 inches in order to be accessible for the said person. The wheelchair-accessible planters are generally customized according to the need of the person with a wheelchair. Ready to buy wheelchair accessible planters are rarely available and most people, who are looking to install wheelchair-accessible planters in their garden, will have to specially customize them consistent with the need of the user.

#2. The Wooden Sidelines

Wheelchair accessible planter generally has wooden sidelines that help enhance the aesthetic appeal of the entire garden. The planters are not only user-friendly but also double up as a décor item for the garden. The wooden planks are meticulously nailed to planter help enhance their longevity too.

#3. Elevated on The Stoned Pathways

Because wheelchair-accessible planters are mostly made of wood, they are raised on the stoned pathways. This is aimed at aiding mobility with the people with a wheelchair. Wheelchairs receive a lot of resistance from the grass in the rest of the garden thus slowing down the movement. In the stone pathways, the person can move easily and do their gardening effortlessly.

Wheelchair accessible planters are apt for enabling the disabled to fulfill their wishes. If a mobility-impaired person has an indomitable passion for gardening, he can opt for wheelchair accessible planters. There are many DIY wheelchair accessible planter making ideas available across the internet too. You can otherwise also seek professional help to customize your own wheelchair accessible planters. This is, however, wise to consult a carpenter before zeroing on an idea because they will be able to provide you the detailed insight into what kinds of woods are apt for making wheelchair accessible planters. It is supposed to be very thoughtful of you to design some wheelchair-accessible planters for your elderly parents too who have trouble walking. They can access the planters from the comfort of their wheelchairs and do gardening in an effortless manner.

Wheelchair accessible planters are your one-stop solution for making your ordinary garden standout. Also, this is a very cost-effective option as this only requires wood as a material.

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