What Are The Applications Of Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a material that is used in a diverse range of products and is visible on an extensive basis in everyday household items. It is advantageous in various ways over other synthetic materials. Moreover, this material is utilised in composing products that provide comfort to humans. Due to its durable features, companies use it for manufacturing the tires of heavy equipment. It is a ‘green’ substitute material and helps in reducing emissions through the usage of insulating potential.


  • Medical

Polyurethane products are used in a variety of medical requirements such as surgical drapes, general-purpose tubing, catheter, a few injection-moulded devices, and wound dressings. They are very commonly used in short-term implants and are a cost-efficient, long-lasting option in Medical Applications providing rigidity.

  • Flooring

Polyurethane products are highly used in flooring in the form of underlying or used on top as a coating. They make it easier to walk and maintain. People have started using polyurethane products as a part of the flooring in residential and commercial areas on a large basis. This helps increase the lifespan of a carpet area, protects it from getting spoilt, and adds extra comfort and convenience.

Polyurethane is used to give a protective finish to floors as they are resistant to external factors. This helps in easier maintenance and cleaning of the surface. Hence, after it is refinished, it glows back.

  • Construction

Today’s homeowners look for materials that are light in weight, easy to install, and durable, but something that also adds a pleasing look to the overall interiors. Polyurethane products are the precise alternative and are environmentally friendly, a good green substitute because they reduce energy usage.

It is frequently used in construction due to its affordability and versatility. It is additionally used in all parts of houses, including floors and carpet. Moreover, it helps to keep the sun rays and heat away and help to maintain a cool temperature all over the home. A variety of colours are available for walls and, so you can also choose among different styles to incorporate in your interiors.

  • Electronics

Non-foam polyurethane products are used in electrical industries and to seal and insulate any pressure-sensitive, microelectronic components that are fragile such as cables and printed circuit boards. As they are solvent, water, and temperature resistant, they help in the protection of electronics while being transported and meet many physical, electrical, and thermal properties.

  • Marine

Boating is enjoyed by many people all over the world, and boating technology has seen a lot of improvement. This is also due to the contribution of polyurethane products. They help in sealing the boat hulls and protect them from corrosion, water, extreme weather, and other substances that affect its hydrodynamics.

Due to the usage of polyurethane foam, people who enjoy boating can have a more stable and safer experience. It provides a tear-resistant ability and increases the capacity of bearing load while adding minimal weight. It is well suited for wires and cable coating, seals, hoses, engine tubing, hydraulic hoses, and ship moulding.

  • Packaging

Polyurethane packaging foam is used in various cases. It is a cost-effective option, and helps to secure fragile items and leads to safety while being transported. It is used in the packaging of Diagnostic medical equipment, electronic equipment, large industrial parts, and fragile glassware and crockery. It is easy to use, so it helps in saving time and can be customised to fit the requirements of each shipment.

  • Composite wood

Polyurethane products such as binders are used to join organic material into different pieces of furniture: strand boards, long stand lumbers, medium density fibreboard, strawboard, and laminated veneer lumber.

Hence, the above-mentioned are some of the uses of polyurethane products; read carefully before buying polyurethane products for such applications.

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