Tips To Make Your Child’s Bedroom The Best

As parents, all of us are on a mission to give our children nothing but the best. We make sure about all of their needs being fulfilled and also make sure that they are happy enough. You must have tucked your little one right next to you at night, but when its time to give him his bedroom, it needs to be simply the best. Here are some amazing tips for parents who are planning the kid’s room decor. This blog has ideas that help you choose the right wall color, essentials, decor, and even the theme of your little one’s room.

Keep it spacious – The first trick to make the bedroom safe and look at its best is to keep it spacious. As parents, we all have a habit of buying everything and dumping it into the room. Well, you need to know that it is not a storage room. Make sure you keep the room spacious in all ways. Avoid carpets in your little one’s room. Instead, use washable rubber mats to keep their feet warm and soft. The rugged carpets tend to pick up dust and germs and this is not hygienic. Besides this, large carpets make the bedroom look less spacious. Opt for a small play area where the rubber mats are spread. Leave the remaining floor empty. Minimize the furniture. Use a single bed instead of a double or a bunker if you have two kids at home. Also, use small study tables and closets that are tailored just for them.

Use pale colors – If you ask the child for her choice of colors, their age makes them choose vibrant colors that are extremely harmful to their eyes. You need to take a call on this. For instance, the schools in Italy keep the walls white and this enables the child to have a focused mind. You can choose colours of white, pale yellow, pale pink, pastel colors, and even cream. This makes the bedroom look big and stress-free. Hard colors hit your child’s brain and often make them cranky.

Get a character done on one wall – The next question you have in mind is, “Organize the furniture right -What about animated pictures on walls?” Here is the answer to this question you have in mind. You need to know that your child’s favorite character must make a place on the wall, but not on all the walls. Chose one particular side of the wall and get this painting done. Do not do it on all the walls – instead, leave the rest of the walls empty. A better idea and alternative can be about framing the picture of your child’s favorite character on the wall. This makes the bedroom look neat and fulfills your little one’s wish of having his favorite character in the room.

Keep toys limited – Do not bombard your little one’s room with too many toys. Even if you are getting too many toys in your little one’s bedroom, make sure you keep most of them in the wardrobe and give your child only 5-6 toys to play with. Keep these 5-6 toys for each week and replace them with some other 5-6 toys the next week. In this way, your little one does not get bored and stays happy with all the toys he owns.

Keep a check on the lights – The lighting in your child’s room is very important. Firstly, choose a room that has many windows and natural light entering. This makes the room look at its best. It is always good to let the sunlight and oxygen enter the bedroom. Let your child’s room have both white light and some dim light too. The bright light can be turned on during his study and playtime. The dim ones can be turned on during the night so that he does not bump into any of the furniture in the dark.

Use the right room essentials – The next essential thing that you need to look out for are the essentials that you will need in your little one’s room. Make sure your child has objects that are not sharp or harmful. Have the necessary closet and other needs arranged? Besides all of this, make sure your little one’s room has an oil diffuser. You can keep the air in the room purified with the fragrances of tea tree oil and eucalyptus oils in the aroma oil diffuser. Along with this, you can also use the basil oil in the oil diffuser to keep your child’s immunity booster. Along with the immunity, you can use the eucalyptus oil to keep your little one free from cold and flu. The lavender oil that is used inside the oil diffuser keeps your little one focused and grants them a better sleep.

These are some of the tips that are highly essential for you to set the right kind of bedroom for your kids. Follow these tips and make your little one feel proud of you.

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