Repair Or Replace: What To Do When Your Garage Door Fails?


The garage door is mostly the largest door of a house. It is the most frequently used door too. We often fail to give it due attention until it stops moving. The failure could be due to several reasons which might have been ignored.

The most audible symptoms of a damaged garage door are loud and squeaky noises. You should get yourself ready for maintenance work or repairs. To keep the door in working condition, follow a maintenance routine.

When it comes to repairs you should consult your nearest reliable garage door repair services. You can find the best garage door repair contractor by checking its BBB rating and referrals. This post will get you through all the possible reasons for failure, solutions and maintenance routine.

Possible Reasons For Garage Door Failure

  1. No Power Supply

However obvious it seems; it happens and we panic over it. If there is no power supply to the operator, the garage door won’t open or close. It can be simply because of the unplugged wire or in some case circuit breaker or blown fuse can be the reason.

  1. Expired Batteries

The remote transmitter needs power supply just like the door operator. If you cannot open the door, expired batteries can be a reason. There is a transmission receiver on the garage door which can be checked by pressing the button manually. If it is working properly, check the remote.

Mostly, you can solve this issue on your own and do not need to call professional service.

  1. Broken/ Worn Out Springs

Springs are the undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a garage door. Springs issues are the most prevalent ones. It can be worn out, misaligned or broken. There are two types of springs, torsion, and extension. They are tightly wound together and lift the whole weight of the door. Any damage or wear and tear can cause it to fail.

If you observe any of the above-mentioned damages to the door spring, call a professional right away. At other times, a sudden popping sound can inform you about the snapped spring. Springs can be hazardous to the safety of your vehicle and residents so you must replace them.

  1. Photo Eye Issues

When it comes to garage door operation, a safety mechanism can become a reason for its failure. The photo-eye is the safety mechanism which prevents the door from shutting down if there is an obstruction in the way.

If the photo eye is blocked, misaligned or dirty enough it will not allow the door to move. In other cases, it can become faulty and fails to recognize any obstruction in the pathway. A properly working photo-eye is essential for your safety.

In case the photo eye is dirty, the issue can be resolved by removing the dirt. If it is misaligned or faulty, call a reliable garage door contractor right away.

  1. Severed Cables

Next, to the spring issues, severed cables pose a serious threat to your safety. Extension springs lift the door with the help of cables. If the cables are worn out and they snap, things can get messy. It can damage your vehicle, injure or kill somebody below the door.

At the least, the plunging door will be severely damaged if it hits the floor. You need to replace the cables when the spring breaks. You must call professionals services for the safe replacement.

  1. Wrong Limit Setting

Shut-reverse is an unnerving issue for most of the homeowners as they cannot pinpoint the reason. If you experience this issue, check the limit set on the door opener. Limit setting control the amount of movement required for closing or opening the door.

If the settings are misadjusted, the door might sense the ground as obstruction and reverse back. You can check on the settings but if the problem persists, call a professional for help.

  1. Misalignment Of Door Track

Alignment of a garage door is crucial for its proper functioning. Springs and cables won’t be able to lift the door if the door tracks are damaged or misaligned. Bad tracks can be caused by excessive pressure and wearing out with time.

The tracks must be replaced by the help of experts. You should not delay repairs as it can worsen the situation and you might have to pay much more at the end.

  1. Door Motor Is Not Working

The operating system is controlled by the door motor. If the door motor is faulty, call a professional to resolve the issue.

  1. Worn Out Door Rollers

Rollers are another essential part of a garage door opening mechanism. They should provide frictionless rolling. Check the alignment of rollers over the shaft. Regularly check for wear and tear. Call professionals to change them if you observe squarish rollers.

  1. Loosened Nuts And Bolts

When you hear a lot of conspicuous noises during the garage door operation and cannot find the issue, check the nuts. Loosened nuts and bolts can be the reason. If they are left untreated for a long time, they can worsen the damage and you might have to pay for broken springs.

When To Replace?

Despite your efforts for regular lubrication, inspection, and repair of garage door, there comes a time when you need to replace the doors. Even the best garage door repair companies Chandler AZ cannot eliminate the need for door replacement in these situations.

  • Severe Damage

When you see a lot of door parts broken or compromised, you must replace the door for cost-efficient investment. It is important for your safety.

  • Door Is Old Enough

The age of your garage door plays a big role in the replacement decision. A too-old door cannot be properly repaired and it is better to install a new door.

  • After A Break-In

Garage doors are one of the top entry points for thieves and intruders. If you had a break-in recently, it is time to replace the door.

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