How to remodel a small bathroom efficiently and quickly?

Bathroom renovators

Bathrooms could be categorised as one of the three types. Recognising the type of bathroom would help you to be realistic in your planning. If you are looking for small  bathroom renovations  Melbourne, you could find various renovators online. Bathroom renovators Melbourne can help you remodel the bathroom just the way you need it to be.

  • Powder Room: larger homes have a powder room or half-bath that has more than a sink, door and toilet for privacy. It would be a convenient bathroom used by family members and guests when they do not need the amenities of a full bathroom. The small size and limited fixtures mean that the powder room could be remodelled quickly as it is a secondary bathroom. It would also mean that you could take the time since there is one other bathroom that could be used during the remodelling process.
  • Full bathroom: This time refers to any bathroom that has a full range of amenities like vanity, toilet, sink and tub or shower. It is a bathroom that is used every day. In homes with two or more bathrooms, one bath might be designated as the primary bath with others that are dedicated to one or more children. Full bathrooms get a lot of use that has an impact on the materials and fixtures you choose for them.
  • Guest Bathroom: This is a full-service bathroom with toilet, sink and shower or tub combination but is periodically used when guests visit.  Sometimes, a kids’ full bathroom might be converted easily to a guest bath if there is a lack of space.
  • Primary bathroom: This is a full-service bathroom that would be used daily. In homes with two or more full bathrooms, the term primary good means the one that is used by the home’s owner daily. In homes that have only one bathroom, it serves as the primary bath even if it is small. This is a very important room where the owner might spend quite an amount of money e for durable high quality and attractive fixtures.

Hazard and defining the type of bathroom you would be remodelling you should also consider who would be using the bathroom. If the small bathroom happens to be your primary bathroom and if you would use it for everything right from using the toilet, taking a shower and applying makeup, you can add a lot of storage cabinets and high-end accessories.

If small children would be using the bathroom, they would need a bathtub as showers would not be of use for them. Good and durable fixtures with waterproof floors and walls would be essential for a bathroom that is used by kids.

For the elderly or disabled people, they would require additional augmented features like grab bars, lower counters and non-slip flooring areas. If possible, a walk-in bathtub would be ideal for elderly or disabled persons.

A small bathroom can thus serve the purpose of almost everyone in the house, may it be the owners, kids, visitors or even elderly or disabled people. If you have a single bathroom for the entire house it should be a well-thought and planned one.

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