Cleaning Tips Every New Homeowner Should Know


When you’re a new homeowner, there are tons of things to learn. There’s learning how to fix a clogged toilet and turn off the water in case of an emergency.

There’s also learning where the circuit breakers are so you don’t have to run out for pizza in a storm or try to figure out what all those knobs in the kitchen are for. One of the most important things to learn is how to clean your home.

After all, you don’t want to create more work for yourself down the line! Here are some tips on how to clean like a pro when you’re just starting out, courtesy of the cleaning experts at Castle Keepers of Charleston.

Think Light

You’ve heard it before, and it’s true: you’ve got to think light. What do we mean? Whether it’s cleaning your windows or washing your walls, you have to be strategic about what tools and products you use so that when the job is done, it looks like nothing was ever there in the first place.

Too much cleaner can leave a dirty residue behind, which can be just as bad, if not worse, than the mess you’re trying to clean up. Make sure to read your labels and follow directions closely!

Do It More Often

Let’s say that you have a spill on your hardwood floors. The first thing you’ll want to do is get out some paper towels and wipe them up. That’s wonderful, but we’re going to want you to take it a step further.

We’ll clean that area with a light cleanser or vinegar and water solution about once a week so that the room doesn’t get too dirty in the first place. You can also grab some baking soda which works wonders on removing stains.

Use A Lint Roller

If you’re a new homeowner, you probably have a lot of things that shed. You’ll want to use a lint roller often to avoid attracting more dirt and dust to your floors and rugs. It’s better for them and prevents anything from tearing up the fabric.

Get More Organized

It can get out of control if you don’t organize your cleaning supplies. We recommend using a small bucket where you place all your items arranged. You’ll be more likely to clean easier if everything is right there at your fingertips instead of hidden away in various parts of the house.

Clean Top To Bottom

Sure, you can start in one spot and move on from there. But it’s a lot better if you go top to bottom so that everything is evenly clean.

Go Easy On The Chemicals

Don’t try out a new chemical cleaner on your walls or floors without testing it out first. You don’t want to leave behind a residue or a strong smell that just doesn’t go away.

Start Your Day With The Most Problematic Areas

Let’s say it’s two o’clock in the afternoon and you just got home from work. Take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee and spend 15 minutes cleaning one area that requires some elbow grease, like your refrigerator or oven. You’ll be glad you did and will appreciate having a clean kitchen even more.

Finish With The Easy Stuff

After you’re done with your difficult areas, give yourself a high five and then move right on to the easier ones: sinks, countertops, windows, and mirrors. You should be able to get these done in 15 minutes or less.

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