Best Tips and Ideas To Update Your Living Room

Update Your Living Room

The living room is the heart of every home because this is where we spend most of our free time with our family and friends. It needs to be revamped time by time to enhance the ambiance of this place. So, if you are among those people who are in search of ideas to renew their living room and give their dull and boring living space a refreshing look then you are in the right place.

As we are going to share with you some of the amazing tips and ideas to update the living area without putting any strain on your mind and pocket. You can go from small little changes to some cool dramatic improvements and modernize the living room.

Change Layout:

If you want to change the look of the living room without adding extra things then just reconfigure the layout and see the instant difference. You can move the sofas, side tables or the armchair into different locations in the living room. If the room is small then move furniture away from the walls a bit to create some space in the room.

Organize the living room:

Reorganize the stuff in your living area to make room for other things. Just decluttering will instantly change the look of the room and make it neat and spacious. You can also reuse the old stuff in a creative way.


Give the walls a new touch by repainting them with a new coat of paint. This is the most amazing budget-friendly idea to revive the living room in no time. It will add a new feel to the room real quick. Remember neutral colors make any room look bigger.

If you are going for neutrals then amp them up with an accent wall as this is a very trending idea these days. It requires no extra effort. You just need to decide a bright color for one wall of the living room and some neutral color for the other three walls.

Do not skip the ceiling of the living room. Use a light color most preferably white for the ceiling to make it look heightened.


Add some pattern and texture by adding new accessories in the living room. This is an amazing idea to change the look of a plain dull living room. For a smaller change, purchase new cushions and curtains with patterns and texture that complements the paint of the walls.

You can add some whimsy touch by hanging the abstract painting in the living room. Change the sofa covers by choosing from a wide variety of fabric that goes with the curtains and paint color. Exude luxury by using velvet because it is a fabric material for sofas which is always in fashion. If you do not want to change the covers you can place an accent chair to add the pattern.

You can also place Himalayan salt lamps in the living room to add some warm glow. These lamps are available in so many different shapes and sizes. Himalayan salt lamp benefits make them an amazing décor piece.

Indoor Plants:

Add freshness and color by placing indoor plants in the living room. You can choose from a wide range of plants that have different health benefits for you. Go for large plants to place at the corners of the room and smaller ones like cactus, succulents, or flowery plants for the table, mantel or shelf.

You can also use floral plants to add beautiful color to the dull living room. These will look good to the eyes too. It is a very easy and simple way to improve the décor of the living room.

Update Furniture:

Add architectural features by updating the old furniture to match the overall color scheme of the living room. Re-polish or paint the furniture to make it a great part of the updated room. For making a statement with your décor, choose a color from any beautiful art piece in the room and use it to paint on any piece of furniture.

You can also go for transformable furnishings for making more space in the room. Invest in a center table with internal storage.

Create a gallery wall:

Another inexpensive and quick way to update the living room is to make a gallery wall on any of the empty walls. Pick a wall and put your favorite photos, art pieces or prints on it. You can use beautiful frames for this. You can also use fabric or wallpapers that complement the paint and further decorate the gallery wall with them. These will add more texture and personality to the room.

You can follow all or some of the above-mentioned ideas and add personal touches to the décor of the living room and turn it into a more happening place.

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