6 Home Cleaning Tips – Keeping Your Home Clean and Tidy


Having a tidy home is a very satisfying feeling and it’s all about adopting good cleaning habits that will ensure you maintain order. When you stick to these habits, everything falls into place. 

Some notable advantages of keeping your home clean and organized include:


  • Reduces Allergies


Regular cleaning helps to reduce irritating allergens and dust from home. Chores like dusting and sweeping and vacuuming regularly will dispose of dust mites, dirt, and pet dander that may cause flu-like symptoms and aggravate respiratory ailments such as asthma. 


  • Ward off Pests


Household pests and bugs like living in a damp and warm environment, and they can easily nest in untidy and dusty areas. Having a clean and tidy house discourages insects and other pests. In addition to cleaning, having a pest management company over to perform regular audits and exterminations helps to keep home clean.


  • Reduce Stress


A clean house acts as a relaxing haven, and may help to prevent and relieve unnecessary stress. Besides, a clean home makes maneuvering around and finding things easier.

Here some tips to keeping your home clean and tidy

  1. Return everything in its place after use

It may seem an obvious thing to do, but failing to put away things after use leads to untidiness and clutter. As you work from room to room, do a quick scan of things that seem out of place and put them back into their proper places. 

To avoid piles ensures things that you use daily like utensils, shoes, clothes, and bags are well organized. Use organizing hacks like shower curtain hooks for towels and over-the-door organizers to give you an extended space on the existing ones in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and hall closets. Corral the smaller belongings using decorative baskets and keep your paper items organized by using a mail sorter.

  1. Organize and clean your bathrooms

From mirror stains to toothpaste dribbles to wet floors, the bathroom does endure lots of messes throughout the day. Because we use the bathroom daily, it’s advisable to clean it up regularly. Focus on cleaning the sinks, mop the floors, wipe away mirror spots, scrub and disinfect the toilet, tub, and shower. After using the sink and shower, spray a natural cleaner down the surface and rerun the water to clean it up. Using essential oils also keeps the bathroom smelling fresh until the next deep cleaning day.

  1. Decluttering the Bedrooms

The key to keeping the bedrooms clean and tidy is storage. Having proper places to keep your accessories and clothes will ensure your personal space is clean. 

Invest in baskets and storage containers that can fit entirely under your bed. Keep the complete change of bed linens under the bed to make it easier to sort them out after washing and during changing. Pick a nightstand with storage facilities to keep your magazines, books, journals, and personal bedside items organized.  To keep the bedrooms clean adopt daily habits like

  • Making your bed
  • Folding throws and blankets
  • Putting away clothing in wardrobes and drawers 
  • Dusting nightstands, desks, and shelves
  • Vacuum cleaning area rugs and floor.
  1. Apply daily cleaning rule for the kitchen


Dishes tend to make the kitchen messy and keeping them clean and tidy keeps off bad smells and bugs. You may opt to keep one side of the sink with clean water with a few drops of dish cleaning detergent. Throughout the day, add the dirty dishes on the soapy side to get out most of the food and grease and enable easy cleaning. 

The kitchen makes the perfect place to practice the 20-minute cleaning rule, spend extra minutes cleaning it. Follow these tips to keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free

  • Fresh dishes as you use them- always keep the sink empty
  • Clean the countertops immediately after use
  • Organize your refrigerator and pantry
  • Mop and sweep the floor daily
  • Use the steel cleaners when cleaning the appliances and keep microwaves and cookers free of spilled food
  • Empty the dust bin
  1. Cleaning the Living Room

The living room receives lots of traffic in every home, and if not well managed, it can become littered very fast with an array of assorted items including toys, newspapers, magazines, books and electronic devices. Ensure you place items at their right places, so your living room can remain a haven of easy relaxation.  You can easily keep a tab of your living room cleanliness daily by

  • Cleaning the living room off any unnecessary clutters like books, toys, and games
  • Folding throws blankets and keeps fluff pillows in their correct position.
  • Dusting coffee tables, mantels, and end tables
  • Vacuum cleaning the floors and couches
  • Invest in hidden storage to keep things like games, books, and toys. Vertical shelves may help in displaying items in a more organized manner.
  • Storage ottomans work perfectly in storing and minimizing clutter.
  •  Ensure you have a shoe rack or place to keep shoes before they track grass and dirt to your home and especially on your carpet.
  1. Stick to your schedule

Following a daily habit of keeping your home clean and clutter-free every day may be hectic, but creating a workable cleaning schedule makes it easier. Create a chores list starting with laundry, vacuuming, and others.  For the regular cleaning include things like:

  • Making the bed daily to keep the room tidy and neat
  • Cleaning the kitchen as you cook to save time and keep it on tip-top shape
  • Grabbing things as you go to minimize cluttering
  • Wiping out any messes as they happen to prevent stains from setting in
  • Sorting out the mail as you receive it every day
  • Opening windows to allow fresh air in your home. Fresh air is a vital component of an organized and clean home

For the weekly cleaning, you may schedule cleaning one room at a time. Doing this allows you to focus on the main points and significant sections of the house, thus preventing you from becoming overwhelmed.  The quarterly and monthly cleaning should focus on air filters, mattresses, blinds, and other larger items. 


Keeping your home clean and organized has a myriad of benefits. By adopting and following these specific habits, it makes a daunting task easy to manage. A clean and tidy home helps you to have an organized life.

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