5 Most Common Causes for Drain Blockages

Blockages in the drainage system at any place are a common problem that is experienced by the property owners. Of course, it is very much important for the drainage system to keep on working normally otherwise great mess is caused in the entire property. The wastewater and filth also starts blocking and spilling around thereby causing foul smell. Also it may invite numbers of diseases and other health issues. Thus it is important to retain normal functions of the drainage system by getting help from expert drainage maintenance London professionals. In order to ensure the best solution for such issues and keep the same at bay in future, you certainly need to know about the common causes of drain blockages. Continue with the current content to know about the most common reasons that lead to this problem.

#1. Piling Up of Hair

One of the most common causes for blocked drains is the piling up of the hairs in the pipes. These hairs may go to the drains while taking shower or when combing your hairs over your sink or in the bathroom. With passage of time, large numbers of hair may get piled up thereby causing clogging. In severe cases, help from the drainage maintenance London personnel may be needed to resolve the given issue.

#2. Grease Build Up in the Drains

Drains get blocked due to build up of grease as a result of oily or fatty substances being washed down through the kitchen sink. When there is excessive grease build up, it may start blocking water passage as well.

#3. Flushing of Toiletries in the Drains

Sometimes disposal of the toiletries like baby wipes, nappies or such other substances may lead to clogging of the drains. Such things get stuck in the pipes and lead to blockage in the entire drainage system.

#4. Poor Installation of the Pipes

At places where there is poor or improper installation of the drainage pipes, the problem of clogging or blockage is notable commonly.

#5. Dirt, Dust and Fallen Leaves Cause Blockage

Dust, dirt and fallen or decayed leaves when not cleared around the drainage system may start entering the same due to some cracks or improperly covered drains. Such substances block water flow in the drains and hence lead to mess at the given place.

By knowing about these major and common causes of blockage in the drains, one must try to protect the drainage system against all such elements to ensure normal functioning of the same.

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