Types of Steel Building Construction

Steel Building Construction

Steel has many qualities and attracted by those many of the people are attracted towards that and opt for steel building. There are several kinds of steel building construction.    Steel construction is also known as steel fabrication. Here are some of them.

  • Conventional steel fabrication

In case of conventional steel fabrication, there is a team of steel fabricators who cut the members of steel to the correct and appropriate lengths. After cutting them in appropriate length, they are weld together and final structure is created. This activity can be done at the site only. This activity is totally labor intensive. If you are opting for better working conditions and if you save some time then partial activity can also be done in the workshop.

  • Bolted steel construction

Bolted steel construction comes into act when steel fabricators make finished steel components which are painted. These components are just need to be shipped simply to the site and they are bolted into their place. This is most preferred method of steel fabrication as most of the work of construction is done in the workshops only with the appropriate machinery and techniques. The lighting is also suitable and the work conditions are also appropriate.  The size of the components is decided by the size of the truck or any vehicle through which they are going to be transported. Usually the max length is of 6m for normal sized trucks and 12m for the long trailers. The only work left at the site is f assembling as most of the work is done at the workshops only. The work at site is to lift the steel members into the correct place and bolt it. The work at the site is very quickly done. The example of bolted steel construction is pre-engineered buildings. In case of these pre-engineered buildings, design, fabrication, erection and shipping is done by one company to the owner.

  • Light gauge steel construction

Light gauge steel construction is very common in the small and residential buildings. It is very prevalent in parts of Europe and North America. These are similar to the wood framed construction.  They are similar except the fact that here steel membranes are used in place of wood two by fours.

  • Quonset hut steel buildings

These steel structure is one of the cheapest of all steel structures thus those who are short in budget they can for this. The erection and assembling process is also very easy and simple. The shipping is also very easy and inexpensive. The length of these types of steel structures can be expanded with ease. If you want any temporary structure then dissembling is also possible with ease and comfort. It is very convenient for small sized buildings. But the insulation process can be little bit difficult and can cost you bit high. If you want a building with open end then this is the best steel structure as it can cope with heavy winds.

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