Top Tips To Master Hygge This Autumn


‘Hygge’ is a word derived from the Danish culture that can be best described as ‘enjoying life’s simple pleasures’. By incorporating an element of coziness and comfort into your everyday life, you can spark feelings of wellness and contentment, helping you through the darker months!

A growing trend, the importance of hygge has made its way from Scandinavia, spreading out across Europe and the wider world.

A fundamental part of Danish culture, Hygge encourages people to adopt a simple, minimal lifestyle for a more cosy and fulfilling life.

For those wanting to attempt hygge for themselves this Autumn, we have put together some of our top tricks and tips.

Colour Scheme

When creating a hygge inspired home, the paintwork  and colour scheme of your home is an important attribute. It is important to focus on the fact that ‘less is more’. Therefore, the colour scheme of the home shouldn’t be overwhelming or too ‘in your face’. 

The colour choices should contribute to creating a feeling of both peace and harmony, and each room in the home should feel this way to truly emit the hygge vibe.

The connotations of feelings with colours are important and should be taken into account. This can be seen with neutral colours, igniting and sparking the sense of relaxation, peace and tranquility. 

Other colours to stick in your colour theme when incorporating hygge into to your home, is pale pinks, greys, white and creams for the Scandi vibe that you seek. 

Create a comfortable atmosphere

Coziness is key for creating the perfect hygge decor.

There is nothing as luxurious as snuggling up on a textured velvet armchair with a soft wool throw at the end of the working day. 

Accessorizing the home with fur blankets and a super soft fluffy pillow in either a  cream or grey colour scheme will be sure to create the clean, minimal decor that hygge is all about. 

Small corners or nooks in the home are a perfect place to relax and unwind between the comfort of the sofa, a fluffy blanket and a good book. 

Invest in candles

Embrace the comfort of hygge further by purchasing an array of candles to scatter about the home. The candle light is of far higher power than many think and the flame itself produces an instantly warm sensation to any room.

Simply lighting a candle can create calm and stillness, something that is important when mastering the basics of hygge. 

Whether the candles are scented or not, the decision is up to you. When lit, a candle can transform any crisp, clean room into an autumnal escape, perfect for hibernating, restoring and rejuvenating your inner being. 

Decorate The Room With Delicate Lighting

Small, twinkly lights are also a perfect addition for creating the hygge home of your dreams. The small golden bulbs are sure to bring a warm and cosy feel to the home and make relaxing in your room as pleasurable as possible. 

Not only are the lights perfect for setting a soothing atmosphere, they are also very festive, so look perfect in any room of the home from the bedroom all the way to the outside porch! 

Bringing many of the same features as a candle light, fairy lights can produce a soft and golden glow to light up your home.

Make A Fire

One of the biggest joys of adding hygge into your home this Autumn and that is the heat that it brings. An enjoyable aspect, snuggle up this Autumn and remain cosy with a wood burning fire. Whether it be outside or indoors, to fully immerse yourself into the hygge theme, a fire is essential. 

A fireplace within the home is a perfect way to get the hygge theme, as the fireplace itself owns the aesthetic, and produces a warm, comforting heat for those cold autumn nights. 

The Danish suggest, that to fully appreciate the fire, gather friends and family, snuggling up with a sweet mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows. 

So, soak up the crackling heat, surrounded by loved ones and reminisce on memories and appreciation for one another. 


Allowing you to appreciate the beauty and tones that is Autumn, by incorporating hygge into your home this Fall, you too can have a magical and memorable Autumn to look forward to.

From soft, warm furnishings to a light and calming colour scheme, the importance of light and heat is essential in mastering hygge.

A valued lifestyle in Scandinavian countries, for those struggling with the sudden collapse of summer and are looking for something to look forward to, add some magic and comfort into your life and master the art of hygge.

We value your opinion and look forward to hearing your thoughts on our simple top tips to master hygge for yourself.

Have we missed anything, or perhaps you have a top tip that you think we should feature? Let us know, and make sure to have a warm and cosy hygge Autumn for yourself.

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