Gorgeous Kitchen Countertops Ranks by Strength

Gorgeous Kitchen Countertop

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen countertops, you better be ready to make some hard decisions. 

Okay, pun intended, but it is seriously important to not only choose the countertop material you use for how it looks, but also for how durable it is. 

That’s especially true if you plan to actually use your kitchen for cooking, eating and more!

So what are some great kitchen countertop options that are totally beautiful and completely strong? Keep reading to find out!  

Quartz countertop 

($40-$100 per sq. foot)

This is quite simply the most durable option on this list. Crushed quarts stone is then mixed with hyper-strong resin to produce tops that range from solid colors to the look of genuine granite. 

A couple things to keep in mind when it comes to quartz is that seams in the slabs are noticeable if you use a lighter shade of color. On top of that, quartz does have a very modern look to it so it might be something to avoid if the rest of your kitchen has a traditional look to it. 


($40-$100 per sq. foot)

Granite is still very much the end all be all of kitchen countertop material. It is tough, crack resistant, and you can place hot pots and pans on it without worrying. 

That being said, granite is not indestructible. An accidental clunk or clank from a heavy pan or bottle of wine can lead to an unsightly chip in the edge. On top of that, if you don’t remember to seal the granite every so often, oil could seep into the stone and you’ll have to apply a poultice to get it out. 

Crushed glass

($60 to $120 per sq. foot)

This is a new addition to the list of must-consider materials when it comes to kitchen countertops. This recycled crushed glass is at sleek looking as it is durable. On top of that, because it is recycled glass coming from bottles, lights, windshields and more, it is quite eco-friendly. 

Two things to keep in mind is that crushed glass is not as heat resistant compared to the previously mentioned options. The acrylic inside the glass can also be impacted if you leave acidic liquids like lemon juice on the top for too long without wiping away. 


($10 to $40 per sq. foot)

As you have likely already noticed, laminate is the cheapest option thus far. While it’s cheap price might make you interested in the material, you should know that many home buyers try to avoid kitchens with laminate countertops at all costs. That means that the price of your home may suffer on the housing market if you are interested in selling. 


($5 to $30 per sq. foot)

Tile kitchen countertops can either look fantastic or terrible depending on which style you go with and how you help manage it. 

While it does crack easily, it is also possible to replace and repair single squares of tile if necessary.

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