Going Green In Your Apartment

Going Green In Your Apartment

By its nature, apartment living already is a bit eco-friendlier than other modern lifestyles. That’s because you’re most likely in an urban center where you’re close to amenities and don’t use as many resources. Yet there are still numerous ways to make your living space even more environmentally sustainable. The good news is, many of them are relatively simple. Reducing your ecological footprint and having a greater positive impact on the world around you can be a matter of making a few minor changes.

For example, purchasing all-natural cleaning supplies instead of those containing chemicals can be an important step. That’s because these products can find their way into water supplies after they go down the drain. Switching your light fixtures to LED bulbs means you’ll consume less electricity and burn fewer resources every time you flip the switch. If you want to furnish your place, try looking at estate sales or resale shops to rescue pieces from the landfill.

Your apartment may be a little more sustainable than the average McMansion, but you can tweak it to become even more eco-friendly. For some additional tips on going green in your building, see the accompanying infographic.

Here are some helpful tips for making apartment living more eco-friendly.

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