A Checklist of Electrical Maintenance In Your House

Electrical Maintenance

As, our electrical system is crucial, it is wise to consider the checklist for home electrical maintenance. Several working parts of electric systems are responsible for providing electricity to all your appliances, devices and electronics are to be checked and maintained when you take up a home electrical maintenance drive. You should make it a point to ensure that everything is in proper working order & that all necessary electrical repair problems should be addressed properly.

Checklist of things to be checked and maintained

The major priorities for your checklist should necessarily include the following:

  • Electrical panels – You probably do not pay much attention to the electrical panel in your house. It is because this panel is usually placed in the basement, garage, or the utility room of your house.
  • The electrical panels usually contain certain circuit breakers that strongly protect against overload. The circuit breakers can wear out or the panel may end up developing certain issues. An outdated panel should necessarily be replaced during a home electrical maintenance drive.
  • Electrical outlets – The issues that persist with outlets can lead to several dangerous conditions. The outdated models of electrical outlets should necessarily be replaced with three-pronged GFCI units or grounded outlets that are designed in such a manner that they would shut off automatically whenever a ground fault is being detected. In case an outlet is burnt or appears to be discolored or emitting a burning smell or making a buzzing sound or appears to be loose, then these needs to be replaced by a professional electrician at the earliest. An electrical technician would perform all the necessary inspections during outlet repair and then fix any wiring problems that appear to be in the electrical outlets.
  • Surge protectors – An electrical surge can probably threaten your house during a storm. So, a backup generator is usually being installed for providing power during an outage. However, there are also risks of surges when utility power is being disrupted. The surge protectors can strongly protect the different electrical elements. During home electrical maintenance, the electric technician takes things a step further as far as surge protection is concerned, so a power surge usually does not burn out your devices. All the parts of a system, including data inputs, are being protected at times whenever a surge occurs due to poor wiring, tree limbs falling on power lines or when power is restored after a blackout.
  • Major appliances – The large appliances in your home like the wall unit air conditioners, washers/dryers, refrigerators, stoves, and overs get a lot of usage during the fall as well as winter. So, spring is a great time for checking these major appliances of your house and see if they have any underlying issues. Also, cleaning the exhaust duct and hood serving the ovens in your house also maintains proper ventilation. All the countertop appliances should be thoroughly checked.
  • Smoke detectors – Electrical maintenance is a great reminder for checking the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your house. The batteries need to be tested by pressing the test button & change them if you do not hear any sound. Ideally, all the smoke detectors in your house should be checked at least once a month to make sure they are working properly.


Conducting home electrical maintenance once in your house every spring is a great idea and should never be ignored for the safety and convenience of your family. However, you must ensure to hire a professional maintenance service for your electrician power as well as appliances instead of doing it yourself.

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